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Started by JoelDalais on 21/12/2015 Motto: Banking or related news articles


With so much dirty money around, it’s time to make UK banks clean up their act

From JoelDalais on 23.03.2017 at 20:29

"It’s vital the chancellor steps up to ensure the financial system is fit for purpose – especially taxpayer-owned RBS – to restore the public’s confidence in it" ~ https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/22/dirty-money-uk-banks-rbs-laundromat

MIROW wrote on 23.03.2017 at 21:14

There should be less dirty money now with the new polymer notes ;-)

Goldman Sachs to expand EU presence ahead of Brexit

From JoelDalais on 23.03.2017 at 18:47

Goldman Sachs will move jobs away from London and bulk up its European presence by "hundreds of people", a senior executive has said. ~ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39339836

Pound climbs as Bank of England signals interest rate decision split

From JoelDalais on 16.03.2017 at 20:22

"The Bank of England voted to leave rates at 0.25% but rising inflation may soon start to add pressure on it to consider a rise." ~ http://news.sky.com/story/bank-of-england-vote-split-as-interest-rates-kept-on-hold-10803533

JoelDalais wrote on 16.03.2017 at 20:27

I'm not sure how they figure that 'the economy is in good shape' when there is a record number of people (and increasing yearly) going to food banks.

Maybe the question should be "who is the economy in 'good shape' for?"

MIROW wrote on 16.03.2017 at 21:17

For the bourgoise elite but not for the proletariat working man

dnair28 wrote on 17.03.2017 at 04:58

I don't think rates will be rising anytime soon - the Brexit uncertainty will offset any inflationary pressures.

Charlotte Hogg resigns as Bank of England deputy governor after conflict of interest row

From JoelDalais on 14.03.2017 at 23:38

"Charlotte Hogg has resigned from her position as deputy governor of the Bank of England after a report by MPs said her competence "falls short of the very high standards required to fulfil the... responsibilities" of deputy governor of the Bank of England."



JoelDalais wrote on 14.03.2017 at 23:38

Gotta love that centralized control, so infallible ;)

JoelDalais wrote on 14.03.2017 at 23:42

She'll probably get a high paid job working for Barclays now

Iceland to end capital controls

From MIROW on 12.03.2017 at 19:58

Capital controls, such as those to restrict money flowing in and out of the country, were imposed in 2008 after the courntry's biggest banks collapsed.

The government thinks the economy has recovered sufficiently to end controls.


JohnnyD wrote on 12.03.2017 at 21:20

Ice save my comments for later on that one then :)

I used to have one of those ice save accounts......cold memories

The SEC has confirmed that a bitcoin ETF decision will be released today, despite chatter about it possibly coming Monday. Place your bets.

From JoelDalais on 10.03.2017 at 18:23


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JoelDalais wrote on 10.03.2017 at 19:29

The Winkelvoss ETF, whether it will be allowed or not.

The Winkles have been 'at it' (bitcoin related stuff) a long time, but they always seem to get in 2nd place, it might happen, it might not, but it will definitely eventually happen. When it does happen then it opens up the avenue for 'Big money' to move into bitcoin.

JoelDalais wrote on 10.03.2017 at 19:33

And BU (Bitcoin Unlimited) has taken lead in the last 1,000 blocks produced, which is a very good thing, its not over yet, but it is looking very positive (it means more growth, usage, transaction throughput, etc).


JoelDalais wrote on 10.03.2017 at 21:40

ETF denied (surprise surprise, not)


Central Bank of Nigeria Says ‘We Can’t Stop Bitcoin’

From JoelDalais on 05.03.2017 at 17:57

"At a breakfast meeting early this week, organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria (CIBN), key players in the country’s fintech space gathered to discuss the impact of cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, and blockchain technology. The Deputy Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Banking and Payments System (CBN), Musa Itopa-Jimoh, spoke at the meeting. In an interview afterwards, he clarified the CBN’s stance on bitcoin, citing that a lot of people misinterpret the central bank’s recent warning." ~ https://news.bitcoin.com/central-bank-of-nigeria-says-we-cant-stop-bitcoin/

MIROW wrote on 05.03.2017 at 19:38

They can't stop bitcoin, but he knows someone that you can send some to who will give you millions :-)

Maybe that will be the next wave of Nigeria spam, help us get bitcoin out of the country ;-)

How blockchain is simplifying the US mortgage market

From JoelDalais on 03.03.2017 at 20:54

"Factom's Harmony data layer enables storing hashes of paper documents on private and public blockchains." ~ http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/how-blockchain-simplifying-us-mortgage-market-1609630

'I bought Bitcoins in 2011 - now they're worth £19,000'

From JoelDalais on 03.03.2017 at 20:41


UK economy 'loses momentum' as services growth slows following Brexit vote

From MIROW on 03.03.2017 at 20:22

IHS Markit said the services sector had been stung by the steepest rise in costs for more than eight years as a result of the weak pound following the Brexit vote.

This is likely to mean that inflation faced by consumers "has significantly further to rise", said Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS Markit.

Latest official figures showed that inflation hit 1.8% in January, but Mr Williamson said the rate was expected to hit 3% over the next year.

Earlier in the week, a similar survey of manufacturers had also suggested a slowdown last month.

"A further slowdown in UK business activity growth in February adds to evidence that the economy has lost momentum..." said Mr Williamson.

"Inflationary pressures remained the highest for six years as firms struggled with rising costs associated with the weak pound..."

Paul Hollingsworth, UK economist at Capital Economics, said: "The economy faces a number of headwinds including higher inflation and uncertainty surrounding the future relationship with the EU as formal negotiations get underway."

The pound declined after the news was released. Sterling fell 0.3% against the dollar to $1.2233 and was 0.5% lower against the euro at 1.1621

The combination of lower growth with higher expected inflation could herald a period of "stagflation", he added.

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