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Eskay | 12/03/2018

Commodity Trading

1 Member - "Motto Make money together"

A group that encourages crowd funding for commodity trading

LF | 10/03/2018


2 Members

Are you looking to invest in crypto-currency (btc, eth etc) feel free to contact me at omnicommediagroup@usa.com

Timchap | 23/02/2018

Cryptocurrency Market (Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Without Extra Charges)

1 Member

Hello, are you looking for a good place or selller to buy bitcoin? do you want to invest and you don't know how to because of a lots of fake exchange sites and high charging rate from exchange sites?
Then contact us on, cryptocurrencymarket@consultant.com. thank you.

CustomerService | 16/02/2018

Service Availability - Planned maintenance or disruptions

8 Members

This group is intended for any updates to Fidors services or disruptions. Please join the group to stay informed and up-to-date on our system availability.

Users in this group are also welcome to report any noticed disruptions.

You can track the service availability of Fidor UK here: https://www.fidorbank.uk/service-availability

CustomerService | 07/02/2018

Win tickets to Fidor's football match & win Fidor Merchandise

1 Member

Calling all Fidor super-fans! Do you love football & Fidor? We are giving away 5 tickets and a load of Fidor merchandise for our football match, which will take place on Saturday, 17.02.18, in Berlin. There, you'll have the opportunity to meet us in person.

Here's how it works: we will ask you 3 questions - answer them correctly and you're there! The winners will be notified by 15.02.2018.

RichardBurt | 29/10/2017

Referral links

2 Members

Refer a website and share the love (and possible bonuses!)

CustomerService | 18/10/2017

3x Bonus Week for Fidor

2 Members - "Motto Triple Money in the Community"

This week, we’re offering triple rewards, triple points and triple money for all activity in the Fidor Smart Community.
The promotion will run until the 18th to the 24th October

JoelDalais | 12/09/2017

Bitcoin Cash

1 Member - "Motto Bitcoin Cash"

Buy, sell, discuss anything Bitcoin (cash)

weiss | 23/08/2017

Fidor Banking API

4 Members - "Motto Automation and innovatoin with mit Open Banking"

Fidor Bank is the first bank to offer public APIs for direct access to accounts and personal data.
See http://api-docs.fidor.de/ for documentation. In this group interested people and developers can discuss, share knowledge and ask questions.

ZoeCFaircloth | 25/07/2017

Saving Bonds

5 Members - "Motto Increased Saving Bonds Interest Rates"

From 20th July onwards, our 3-month and 6-month savings bond interest rates have increased. The new terms apply to all customers as follows:

• 3 months 0,7% p.a.
• 6 months 0,8% p.a.

Please note that this change affects only new savings bonds and not existing ones. http://bit.ly/2gZiYsj

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