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  • Fidor WordofMouth Team

    Join me in telling your friends, family and workmates about Fidor. Tell us who you told and what they think. In the *admittedly unlikely* event this group gets big we could do a UK Pub Fidor Meetup.

  • #MoneyTips 101

    Saving money has never been so easy! Join this group to share your best-loved saving secrets with other community members.

  • Tax and the Budget.......

  • Bitcoin Education Group

    Come learn and sit under the virtual willow trees while we debate and discuss Bitcoin(cash), its past, present and future.

  • IT Stories

    Interesting IT stories and tales of woe

  • New Community - who's in?

    Welcome to Fidor UK new Community! Join this group to introduce yourself and follow community launch updates.

  • Trade Crypto

    Discuss and share tips in the world of Cryptocurrency trading

  • Manage my money

    This group is aimed for those who would like to better control their budget.

  • Have fun

    Because we all make compulsive purchases sometimes!

  • Invest

    Discuss with others in the community on how and where to invest money

  • Move in

    Discover tips on how to buy a home or invest in property.

  • Travel

    Looking to plan your next trip? Figure out exactly how to finance your next holiday of a lifetime.

  • Buy a car

    Buy or leasing a car can be confusing - Here you can find the answers to all your questions around buying or leasing a car in the UK.

  • Commodity Trading

    A group that encourages crowd funding for commodity trading

  • Service Availability - Planned maintenance or disruptions

    This group is intended for any updates to Fidors services or disruptions. Please join the group to stay informed and up-to-date on our system availability. Users in this group are also welcome to report any noticed disruptions. You can track the service availability of Fidor UK here:

  • Fidor Bonus weeks!

    Watch this group for updates on our triple points weeks. Earn more!

  • Fidor Banking API

    Fidor Bank is the first bank to offer public APIs for direct access to accounts and personal data. See for documentation. In this group interested people and developers can discuss, share knowledge and ask questions.

  • Saving Bonds

    From 20th July onwards, our 3-month and 6-month savings bond interest rates have increased. The new terms apply to all customers as follows: • 3 months 0,7% p.a. • 6 months 0,8% p.a. Please note that this change affects only new savings bonds and not existing ones.

  • Socially Responsible Companies

    Creating a forum for like-minded people to discuss those topics brought up in the recent film by Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk, on those companies whose primary goal is not restricted to just profit, but to be inclusive of the environment, employee wellbeing and sustainability

  • Stock Market

    The American investor and mutual fund manager, Peter Lynch said, "Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it".

  • Transaction of Fidor Bank by BPCE

    In this group, we answer different questions about the transaction of Fidor Bank by the french BPCE. The most important questions about it will be personally answered by our CEO, Matthias Kroener: For further questions please check out our group.

  • Games and Competitions

    If you would like to host any fun and unusual games then PM me (JoelDalais) and I'll do what I can to assist.

  • Digital Nomads

    How to work, how to get paid when you're working abroad.

  • Important updates from Fidor UK

    We intend to keep you as informed as possible, in this group you will find important updates from Fidor UK about our products and services

  • Coming soon with Fidor

    This group is to show rough time frames of when we will be launching certain products in the UK. Remember we rely on you the customer to advise what products you want so these times may change!

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