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mxnicula | 11/01/2017

FidorBank closed my bank account

1 Member

FidorBank has closed my bank account without giving a reason. I have only 3 transfers on the account: 1 to my personal account and 2 to Bitstamp.

CustomerService | 24/11/2016

Individual Account Numbers for Fidor UK customers

12 Members

We have created this group in order to discuss individual acccount numbers and subsequent services that will be included with individual account numbers. Feel free to ask any questions you have concerning individual account numbers for Fidor UK customers.

Tayo | 19/10/2016

Getting to know you

4 Members - "Motto Talk a bit about yourself"

Tell us who you are and three things about yourself. Start with the last thing that the person before ended with.

VivekKataria | 21/09/2016

Group for testing activities on profile page

1 Member - "Motto Group for testing activities on profile page"

Group for testing activities on profile page

Conker | 01/09/2016

GB cf

1 Member - "Motto Money "


CustomerService | 28/07/2016

Transaction of Fidor Bank by BPCE

13 Members - "Motto What the transaction by BPCE means for customers"

In this group, we answer different questions about the transaction of Fidor Bank by the french BPCE.
The most important questions about it will be personally answered by our CEO, Matthias Kroener: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KWDjpveEmA

For further questions please check out our group.

JoelDalais | 26/07/2016

Games and Competitions

7 Members - "Motto A bit more fun and unusual spin"

If you would like to host any fun and unusual games then PM me (JoelDalais) and I'll do what I can to assist.

Birdmountain | 16/06/2016

Pharmaceutical industry and finance

2 Members

Financial news from the pharmaceutical industry

JoelDalais | 15/06/2016

Bitcoin Education

13 Members - "Motto Discussions, theories, questions and answers"

Come here to discuss, ask questions or spin your own personal theories as to bitcoin, its growth, value and usage. We will only lightly touch on alternative cryptocurrencies (if they are mentioned), this groups focus is Bitcoin.

irhudson | 14/06/2016

EU Referendum

7 Members

Post your thoughts about Remain and Brexit here

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