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RichardBurt | 29/10/2017

Referral links

2 Members

Refer a website and share the love (and possible bonuses!)

CustomerService | 18/10/2017

3x Bonus Week for Fidor

2 Members - "Motto Triple Money in the Community"

This week, we’re offering triple rewards, triple points and triple money for all activity in the Fidor Smart Community.
The promotion will run until the 18th to the 24th October

JoelDalais | 12/09/2017

Bitcoin Cash

1 Member - "Motto Bitcoin Cash"

Buy, sell, discuss anything Bitcoin (cash)

weiss | 23/08/2017

Fidor Banking API

4 Members - "Motto Automation and innovatoin with mit Open Banking"

Fidor Bank is the first bank to offer public APIs for direct access to accounts and personal data.
See http://api-docs.fidor.de/ for documentation. In this group interested people and developers can discuss, share knowledge and ask questions.

ZoeCFaircloth | 25/07/2017

Saving Bonds

5 Members - "Motto Increased Saving Bonds Interest Rates"

From 20th July onwards, our 3-month and 6-month savings bond interest rates have increased. The new terms apply to all customers as follows:

• 3 months 0,7% p.a.
• 6 months 0,8% p.a.

Please note that this change affects only new savings bonds and not existing ones. http://bit.ly/2gZiYsj

JoelDalais | 03/07/2017

Fidor UK Polling - https://fidoruk.consider.it/

1 Member - "Motto State what you want or simply add your opinion"

Fidor UK consider.it is a "Living Poll" that we can add to and remove items as required, and as a "Community". We will tweak it as it gains more usage and as per suggestions from community users.

JoelDalais | 25/05/2017

Buying/Selling Bitcoin

14 Members - "Motto Bitcoin as money is the first application, prepare for what comes next."

Discuss buying and selling bitcoin or actually buy and sell from each other. We advise customers to use the Fidor internal transfer system for speedier buying/selling of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

DR | 08/05/2017

2 Factor Security

2 Members

Does FIDOR have 2 factor security ?

How do you activate?

If not why not?

RichardBurt | 08/05/2017

Websites that do not yet work with the Fidor TAP card

2 Members

A place to list websites that don't (yet) work with Fidors TAP MasterCard

surangood | 28/03/2017

Fin-Tech Product Brainstorming

1 Member - "Motto Release People's wisdom to create something"

Product Managers are the people who stand next to God.

Interested in a financial topic you would like to discuss with other community members? Then you can either create or join an existing group on this specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating new groups please check a similar group doesn’t already exist to make sure all discussions go on the topic take place at the same place!
Create a new group
Start your own group.

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