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Is it still advisable to invest in Bitcoin or any of the other Cryptocurrencies?


Is it still advisable to invest in Bitcoin or any of the other Cryptocurrencies?

I've been 99% Bitcoin since 2012, let's just say I've done well, very well.

(And yes, I do mean Bitcoin Cash from last August, as that is Bitcoin continued).

This is to everyone - As with anything else, do your due diligence into whatever you invest in. If you're just investing to "sell later and get rich!", then you're doing it wrong, that's the mentality of how ponzi's and pyramid schemes work.

If you're investing in it to "get rich later AND because its really cool tech and has UTILITY that makes it BETTER than xyz". Then you've got some practical reasons as to 'why' you think it will gain value, and you will summarily grow in personal wealth.

For example, a few (not all) of the reasons why I got heavily into Bitcoin are .... (I'll post in a bit).

12 days from JoelDalais

and in hindsight, I could've done FAR better (i had a moment in 2016 when i gave up and thought the tech would never be saved).

But hindsight is 20/20 vision, etc, etc

12 days from JoelDalais

if i hadn't given up for that half year or so i would've very likely flipped to eth as a temporary fall back (but eth's broken hence why i didn't do that), and i would've been roughly 20 times richer.. but ye.. hindsight, blah blah, i can't really complain

thanks blockstream :D

12 days from JoelDalais

and to be fair, everyone had the same opportunity whoever read my posts here from last August (and before)

This whole "bitcoin" thing.. we've barely started

12 days from JoelDalais
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