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Video identification repeatedly fails.. Any tips?


Video identification repeatedly fails.. Any tips?

Identification Failed
Transaction Number
More information
Your identification couldn't be completed.
Please try again or use an alternative method to identify yourself.

Four times; 1 hour 45 minutes wasted so far this morning.

10 months from hallenberg

Simplz logout, wait for some moment (30 minutes) and login again. Thereafter, you would have access to the "apply now" button again.

10 months from CustomerService

..I regret, no difference. Using Chrome; switching to firefox now.. 53 people in the queue, "average wait time 1 minute".. Ha :)

10 months from hallenberg

That is more of an IDnow problem though. I would guesss the besst time when there will be lesser queue is in the evening.

10 months from Toluth

I had same problem on Firefox,..I switched to google and it work took cc.35 minutes for 58 people in a queue but my laptop camera was of too low quality to verify, so I tried IDnow it didn`t work few times its just said that something`s wrong with the id number reinstalled the app it worked..but something went wrong on their side and I fad to do it again again about 20 mins for 33 people wait it worked perfect...overall i spent 1.5 hr to finalise it

10 months from majeek
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