First MetaNet Browser

It's a browser, like chrome, firefox, etc, but for the Metanet

Internal exchange to other currencies

Beside having a multi currency account, also have possibility to exchange the currency inside the account

Scammers stole £1.2bn from British bank customers in 2018......

Scammers stole £1.2bn from UK bank customers in 2018, according to official data, with a near-500% leap in counterfeit cheque fraud, indicating some criminals are resorting to old-school techniques.

payment links

Creat payment links to send to friends so they can pay with their cards or wire transfers for example.

payment links

Does fidor have possibility to creat links to request payments? If don´t have, are you going to have in future?

Android App

Is Fidor Uk have an android app to manage the account?

Saving Products

what kind of saving product fidor offers?
created a product inForeign Exchange & Currencies
Compare Money Transfers.

CompareTransfer is a price comparison for Money Transfers. Compare Money Transfers. Save over 90%.

How do I save with FidorBank?

I am in need of a savings account that I can access and have a good interest rate that I can use to save money please? Thanks

Sainsbury’s to publish price cut data if Asda merger goes ahead

Sainsbury’s has promised to publish an annual breakdown of the £1bn-worth of price cuts it has promised shoppers if it merges with Asda, as it scrambles to reverse the competition watchdog’s opposition to the £7bn deal.

Euro account

Are you going add Euro accounts and allow sepa wire transfers?

new card

Do we have to request a new card at the end of the expiry date? Or does magically arrive in the post? Thanks

Tom Watson on McDonalds

How long until all food outlets are shut down, and council tax rockets to cover the cost of approved food deliveries to every household?

Your local drug dealer will add a large big mac meal of dubious origin, to your order, for a mere 50 quid extra

Boeing’s 737 Max fleet 'will remain grounded for weeks

Boeing’s 737 Max 8 and 9 planes will remain grounded for weeks at a minimum, US politicians said on Thursday, as flight data and cockpit voice recorders from the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane arrived in France.

Carphone Warehouse: are you entitled to compensation?

Up to 28,000 consumers who were mis-sold Carphone Warehouse’s Geek Squad mobile insurance and technical advice service could be due refunds after the company was fined £29.1m by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Patisserie Valerie accounts black hole now £94m, says KPMG

Forensic accountants now say the black hole in the accounts of fraud hit cafe chain Patisserie Valerie was as big as £94m – more than twice the size of previous estimates.......Thats a lot of cake.......

HMRC in line for £1bn windfall from Lehman Brothers collapse.......

More than a decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers sparked the global financial crisis, the British taxman may be in line for a £1bn windfall.......I wonder if it will be shared out LoL
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