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Product name and vendor
Al Rayan Bank

3 year fixed term deposit
Vendor: Al Rayan Bank

Category: Fixed Rate Bonds
on fidor.de since 30/06/2016

Special features of the product

The expected profit rate is 2.32% (where profit is reinvested and paid on maturity) Profits paid can be taken quarterly. For customers who choose to do this, the gross per annum expected return is 2.30% Requires a minimum deposit of Ā£1,000 Deposits may be made by cash, cheque or by direct account transfer Your money is invested ethically. We invest in Sharia compliant goods and services and do not invest in alcohol, tobacco, pornography, arms, gambling or any interest bearing activity

Product data

Ratings and comments

Altogether 4 ratings were entered.

Average User Review *****
Interest / Performance *****
Duration *****
Availability *****
Intelligibility of documents *****
Customer Service *****
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