Christmas food shop

Shop around for the best deals on food and drink for Christmas by visiting different supermarkets. Have a look in supermarket magazines and see what online offers they have before hand, these can change weekly.
Stollen is wonderful! I love anything with marzipan in it! Its so nice to have different sorts of cakes and sweet things over the festive season.
I love marzipan and like watching it made when I go to Tallinn.
I love Niederegger marzipan from Lübeck, it is the creme de la creme of marzipan in my opinion. The shop there is amazing! Although eating marzipan cake with marzipan ice cream, meanwhile drinking a marzipan hot chocolate was slightly hard to handle!
Lübeck and Tallinn developed marzipan around the same time so it probably dates back even further and came to the Hansiatic League towns by traders from further afield. In adition to chocolate covered marzipan they paint pictures on marzipan with food dyes and they look pretty. But for me marzipan and liquer in chocolate is best.
I agree i like the ones with liqueurs in best :)
In the Niederegger shop you used to able to get a shopping basket and go around and buy all the marzipan fruits and vegetables, etc. I loved this as a child.
The original English name for marzipan was "marchpane" but over the years the Germanic "marzipan" has become the favoured name for it in the UK.
In Portugal and Italy marzipan is often made into miniature fruit shapes, but in Spain it is often made into little animal shapes.
Marzipan is first referenced in Lübeck in 1530, 108 years after its first reference in Tallinn (1422). Originally made by apothacaries and bakers, it first started being mass produced in each of these cities in the same year of 1806, with mice figures in Tallinn and kitten figures in Lübeck. Marzipan actually came from neither Estonia nor Germany. We actually have the Middle East (Persia) to thank for the sweet concoction. The likely etymology of marzipan "mazaban" was the name of the boxes used to transport almonds back in the 1200's.
Wow I didn't know that!
how is marzipan made? and what is the difference between marzipan and frangipan?
Wow. That is a very long answer, as it depends on what country it made in. It varies in colour from white to yellow to golden to brown (Kœningsburg marzipan is brown on the surface) or green (from adition of pistacios). It is basically made from ground almond meal or paste and sugar in Estonia and Germany but in some countries they use sugar syrup or honey. In some countries they add rosewater, almond oil or preservatives. In the Hansa towns it is made with 66% almonds, in Finland and Sweden about 50%, but in other places mass produced marzipan has about 27.5% almonds.

There is a less expensive product which should bear a different name, in which the almonds are replaced by apricot or peach kernels, and sometimes this is passed off as marzipan. Many products sold as marzipan are made from less expensive materials, such as soya paste and almond essence or even almond flavourings.

Frangipane is an almond-flavored pastry cream made from eggs, cream, sugar and ground almonds if I remember rightly, but it ages since I made one,
That is a long answer! haha thanks :)
Yesterday I was asked to make a short 20 second video for work, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, 20 minutes would have been easier :-)
Lidl and Aldi are the best!
ALDI and Lidl are good but they were better when they first entered GB and had a lot of German foods in their range, now they have the same anglocentric British foodstuffs you get in any other supermarket :-( also now they so popular it's hard to find any places to park!
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