Christmas gifts

I've decided to make all my christmas gifts this year. There is a lot of inspiration around and some great 'how to videos'/ video tutorials on youtube and such like.
Also handy if you want to take up a new hobby or acquire a new skill.
And home made cards too!
Yes this is always good fun!
Actually home baking always makes nice gifts, especially when presented nicely!
My dad makes his own sloe gin and uses that for gifts.
When I used to work in an office I was always taking in fruit cakes I had baked. I also did some cooking for a party recently and took them a cottage pie (beef with sliced potato on top) and shepards pie (lamb with mashed potato on top).

You will have to let me try your dad's slœ gin some time :-)
Fabulous! Sounds like you like to cook MIROW? I love to cook too.
The gin is pretty awesome :)
I love cooking, and in the past used to use up my holiday going on cookery courses. I love gin and drink it all the time (except when you woukd spill it....only joking) but last time I had slœ gin was at school in my English class :-)
haha! you last drank sloe gin in your english class?! do tell!
I've been thinking i might like to do a pastry course...
What cookery courses have you done?
Some girls brought the gin in (and on another occassion whiskey) not me :-) though I would sometimes go down the town to the pub for lunch.

As for cookery courses I did all sorts including baking, dairy and gluten free, vegetarian, Indian, etc.
I would like to go to Morocco and do a tagine cooking course.
Cool, and go stay with your friends at the same time :-)
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