Currency exchange savings on trips

This one is massive. If you travel abroad sign up here and you will be able to get a card that you load up with your currency (and can spend at home like your daily Visa card) that you can use abroad without paying all the usual fees! It is a Godsend!

Spend your money as local currency without the fees and exchange rate costs!
As long as you do not use at weekend ;-)
Or exceed the monthly ATM limits
Well the weekend... I have never had an issue with that. I have used my card in the US with dollars, Russia for rouble, Europe a lot in euro and it is just amazing. I wouldn't travel without it. Yeah the currency advance is not great but then it is not supposed to be supplying me with money in wads in my pocket and I wouldn't want to carry large amount of money anyway as I would consider it unsafe. For spending money abroad I have found no better way than Revolut.
If you are going to promote Revolut with your own personal referal link, at least have the decency to tell users what benefit that gives you, and what benefit it gives them if any!
Actually not sure... will go check.
OK just checked... no benefit for me. Go check if you don't believe me.
I believe you, though if the referal link does not give any benefit to those signing up there seems little point using it.
Well true... to be fair I didn't check just got the link from my app.
Monzo lets you spend up to £200 a month overseas exchange fee/atm fee free - perfect if you just do the odd weekend getaway to the continent. Tonnes of other banks offer similar exchange rate free deals.
Revolut never appealed to me, partially because they want £5 just to have the card sent out.. but hey, I'm a cheapskate.
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