Food/ Coffee Apps that give you something free.

Feel free to add to this list as I'm sure I missed loads.

Greggs: Free coffee for joining, free cake on birthday, other free items randomly
Mcdonalds: Free cheeseburger for joining.
KFC: 2 free wings for joining
Caffe Nero: Free coffee for joining
GBK: Free side dish
Burger King: £2 whopper wednesday, various discounts but nothing free currently
Krispy Creme: Free donut on birthday
Patisserie Valerie: Free cake on birthday

Subway: Free cookie on birthday.
imagine going to all these places at once; stuffed.
also, make sure if you sign up to newsletters that you put your birthday - usually get a percentage off
A trick is to make your birthday a few days ahead when you sign up for Apps so you can claim birthday deals then potentially delete the App... better not to put your real birthday for security anyway.
Useful advice, thanks for that. Getting my free Greggs Monday!
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