Has anyone actually used Numeg? (The Fidor account links to Nutmeg investments)
The context: I have a few hundred pounds left over and thought it might be nice to invest them.
Unfortunately Nutmeg is not a competitively priced platform for the higher wealth investor. For a few hundred pounds it would be fine, and it is fantastic that Fidor have a partnership. End to end service solutions and all that.

Generally, if you do not plan to invest and/or hold more than the yearly ISA allowance of £20,000 then Nutmeg will work out reasonably priced.

If you want to hold more than £20,000 try Interactive Investor. Fee is £22.50/quarter and they return this to you with £22.50 of free trading credits. Stocks, Shares, Fund range is excellent.
I like e-Toro better!
Sites like this are not true investment platforms, in my eyes they are gambling sites in disguise! Stay aware from individual stocks, shares and ETF's, unless you want to become poorer very quickly. Beware. ;-)
Thanks Sal, I honestly hadn't looked into Nutmeg yet. I will do my research and find a good option.. or more likely spend the pounds as euros at a loss :P
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