past its Best Before yet fit for consumption

Came across a website that sell food that's past it's Best Before date. they were offering Heinz Sauce for 1p a bottle! they were doing Kellogs Cornflakes - 4 boxes for £1! They charge £5.25 for a 60kg parcel direct to your door within 72 hours!
They do other old stock - saw some stuff branded with Toys R Us! Worth a look stick to dried foods like cereal and biscuits or spicy foods that keeps well past its Best Before date.
What a brilliant idea.......
I second that. Fantastic idea
Piggybacking on your post, there's also an app for restaurants to list their left over food for a fraction of the price. You can't choose what you'll get, it's a surprise, but usually great value for money, and you're doing your bit to combat food waste. There are filters in the app for exclusions and diets (veg etc.)
Love the concept! Seems like most of the offers are for things that are hard to store/ in great amounts. Handier if you have a big family/lots of people o feed I guess.
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