The 'Spoons

Is Wetherspoons worth it to save money over a normal pub?
You save a bit with their meal deals, huge range of beers, but the food quality seems a bit shitty.
The burger Menu is certainly pretty poor. I tend to go for the pizzas and the 'side dish' menu.
Also, every pub has the same bland decor and layout and no real atmosphere.

What do you think?
most wetherspoons do good meals at decent prices, i'd say its worth it if you dont want to be drowned out by music and want to chat with whoever you're drinking or eating with
I agree with Joel.
Don't tell Mpat :-)
I love Wetherspoons! Their newsletters are a bit extremist and repetitive but I like the food, the drinks and the people I've met in there
So what about Belhaven? Certainly pricier but better or worse than Sppons?
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