Travel currency

When you travel abroad always buy your currency upfront never at the airport with 0% commision and shop araound,you can really get more spending currency.
petsonally I find it more cost effective just to use my debit card
Debit cards charge you a foreign currency transaction fee and most will also charge you a foreign cash withdrawal fee. The Halifax Clarity credit card has neither of these charges so this gives you the best available currency deal at the time of your withdrawal, but remember to refund your credit card as soon as possible (or even beforehand) to avoid a credit charge.
the charges on the Metrobank debit card are very favourable
an absence of a transaction fee or withdrawal fee does not always mean a cheaper transaction as many cards with reduced fees use less favourable conversion rates so they often work out the same
Not so. Halifax Clarity uses the Mastercard exchange rate, which tends to be slightly better than the Visa exchange rate (reference
I said this applies with many cards, I did not say that this was neccessarily the case with the Halifax card.
Shop around online for the best exchange rate and get delivered for free to your home if is the bureau the change is far from you.
In a family holiday you can have few hundred more euro or currency to spend.
Debit/Credit cards never give you the best rate available even the free foreign transaction fee cards.
I see that Metrobank debit card has no transaction or withdrawal fees in Europe (and a competitive 1.9% transaction fee + £1 withdrawal fee outside Europe). It is also a Mastercard card. So its definitely a good one to use too, especially in Europe.
yes, the Metrobank card has become de rigueur for those who travel regularly to the Eurozone
yes, the Metrobank card has become de rigueur for those who travel regularly to the Eurozone
A good solution is to use the German direct bank "comdirect". It is affiliated to the well-known Commerzbank. They provide with their free current account also a free Visa card that has absolutely no fees on using it online, in-store or taking cash from ATM all over the world.
Good news is you can open your account entirely from abroad. If you prefer you can also visit most of the Post offices in Germany for identification and the post employee will submit your application for free.
Bad news is communication channels are only in German, so at least some German knowledge will be essential in order to deal with the bank.

Check this article for more detailed information in English (written by some expat, I believe:
For me using the Halifax Clarity Credit Card has always beaten any currency exchange because the card doesn't charge fees or commission on foreign currency transactions and always seems to use a competitive exchange rate. Unless you are way off the beaten track Mastercard seems pretty universally accepted around the globe even in small mini marts and family restaurants. Also saves having to carry loads of cash at the start of the holiday.
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