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Has anyone actually used Numeg? (The Fidor account links to Nutmeg investments)
The context: I have a few hundred pounds left over and thought it might be nice to invest them.

Saving Money in Germany

Anyone have any tips? Good Apps, ways to hack the system in Deutschland? I've just moved here and miss all my promotions and deals from the UK.

Anyone Else Put Their Fidor Account into Overdraft?

It says 6.9%pa interest on the balance.. actually seems quite reasonable to me.
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Hoarse Bank

High fees but a very personal service. Highly recommended if you have complicated needs

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Bonus for Referring New Fidor Customer?

I'm just curious - is their a commission for referring a new customer to Fidor?
I thought I read somewhere than the bonus is £2 or £5.
I've referred someone, they've been accepted, it shows on my account as 'one referred' but I haven't received anything.
Is there a waiting period or something?

Food/ Coffee Apps that give you something free.

Feel free to add to this list as I'm sure I missed loads.

Greggs: Free coffee for joining, free cake on birthday, other free items randomly
Mcdonalds: Free cheeseburger for joining.
KFC: 2 free wings for joining
Caffe Nero: Free coffee for joining
GBK: Free side dish
Burger King: £2 whopper wednesday, various discounts but nothing free currently
Krispy Creme: Free donut on birthday
Patisserie Valerie: Free cake on birthday

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HSBC Basic Bank Account

Basic Bank Account is designed only for customers who don't qualify for our other accounts (for example because they are bankrupt, in financial difficulty or have a poor credit history). With this account you will be given a Visa Debit Card which you can use to withdraw cash from any ATM in the UK - up to £300 a day. Get up to £100 cashback at outlets nationwide when you pay with your Debit Card. No overdraft or any other features.

The Elephant in the Room

Is it possible that the lack of development in Fidor's UK branch is due to the potential financial/regulatory risks presented by Brexit?
It obviously seems like a risky venture for a moderately successful German bank.
I'm curious to hear what people think and well aware that there are likely many people here who know a lot more about this topic than myself.

APP Suggestions

Any plans to update the APP?
Lots of functionality is missing, correct me if I'm wrong, but direct debits, an overdraft, live alerts and better UI would be welcome and really draw a lot more people to using Fidor.
Hard for me to spread the word when the APP is so basic!
Forgive me if there is some development timeline I don't know about...

Shopmium App- Anyone else using it?

This isn't a shill post - I've been using this app for the past 2 months and so far have had £15.48 worth of purchases paid back. The gf has the app too, so we double buy every item, kind of fun getting free items every week.
You can use my referral code if you like: j4k6x
If you use it we both get a free jar of nutella I think.
App is good fun, enjoy. :)
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