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Fidor T-Shirt To Remember the Good Times

Unfortunately it's in German.
Useful to Sal, Frankie and the other diehard Fidor dislikers

Translation: 'I am a Fidor Share. Part of the community, part of the bank. Share?

Not Leaving Money in Fidor UK Bank Account Past September 15th

If you do it is lost forever... or?

Is Fidor named after a Dog?

A puppy maybe?


What's New on Here?

Anything new happening?
Forum seems fairly lifeless.

IMF's Lagarde highlights potential disruptive nature of fintech

Kind of stating the obvious, but don't understand why the fear message.
IMF seems so shady to me honestly..
created a product inCorporate Account
Holvi Business Account

Flexible. Lots of options and plans. Useful for those looking for a European Business Account. Berlin based startup. Lots of buzz.


My gf and I have been using this. You need to book a restaurant at least half an hour beforehand, then get a discount on the meal - typically 10%-30%. It works and it's kind of fun. I recommend it.

N26 - Damn this is good!

N26 + Monzo or Starling really gives most people all the banking they need.
Really happy with N26, really good UX and features.

A Real Question For You All.

Would you trust Fidor UK or N26 UK more with your money right now?
You have £5K and have to keep it in one of these two accounts.
Which do you choose?

Triodos Bank

My vegan friend has an account. They strive for ethical banking and investment.
There is a monthly fee and limited features.
Anyone have any thoughts about this or ethical banking in general?


Anyone tried this? I've heard good things about it.


So I have this mate that used the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) to switch accounts 7 times in one year and make £800 from bank signup incentives. With many banks offering at least £100 this could be a good way to make money. Quite a bit of effort though, so maybe only worth it if you're a low income earner with lots of time on you hands.
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