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Triodos Bank

My vegan friend has an account. They strive for ethical banking and investment.
There is a monthly fee and limited features.
Anyone have any thoughts about this or ethical banking in general?


Anyone tried this? I've heard good things about it.


So I have this mate that used the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) to switch accounts 7 times in one year and make £800 from bank signup incentives. With many banks offering at least £100 this could be a good way to make money. Quite a bit of effort though, so maybe only worth it if you're a low income earner with lots of time on you hands.
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Crypto Exchange

The 'Spoons

Is Wetherspoons worth it to save money over a normal pub?
You save a bit with their meal deals, huge range of beers, but the food quality seems a bit shitty.
The burger Menu is certainly pretty poor. I tend to go for the pizzas and the 'side dish' menu.
Also, every pub has the same bland decor and layout and no real atmosphere.

What do you think?

Who Still Stores Their Money...

In £50 notes under the mattress?

A Question

You have £10k.
How do you invest it to make money? I'm mostly interested in medium risk options that provide reasonable value, but any suggestions welcome.

Washing Your Socks at Work

Hello Community

Water is expensive, soap is expensive.
Wash your socks at work in the sink.
Refresh your feet, enjoy your life.

My Girlfriend calls it 'Fido Bank'

Is Fidor dog friendly?


Has anyone actually used Numeg? (The Fidor account links to Nutmeg investments)
The context: I have a few hundred pounds left over and thought it might be nice to invest them.

Saving Money in Germany

Anyone have any tips? Good Apps, ways to hack the system in Deutschland? I've just moved here and miss all my promotions and deals from the UK.

Anyone Else Put Their Fidor Account into Overdraft?

It says 6.9%pa interest on the balance.. actually seems quite reasonable to me.
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Hoarse Bank

High fees but a very personal service. Highly recommended if you have complicated needs

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