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First MetaNet Browser

It's a browser, like chrome, firefox, etc, but for the Metanet

Website hosting costs

in 2012 there was a survey done that said there was over 644 million active websites

imagine some of those costs disappearing..

Domain name registration: $10-$15/year
SSL certificate (for site security and trustworthiness): $70-$300/year
Hosting (you’ll still need to rent a server from hosting companies to house your website): $40-$200/year

People would probably be interested in something that could that, no?
created a product inVirtual Currency
Website on a Transaction

This is just a case example, the buttons do work. In the future, websites like this will be ubiquitus, they are very cheap to upload (this cost less than half a penny), hosting is free and forever. And the 2 imgs at the top are also hosted on tx's, and all imgs can be hosted on different tx's. So you have eternal free hosting :) In a global more inclusive market. Oh, and the moneybutton can also spit out a receipt, and when we lift limits you'll be able to sell music that is also directly uploaded to the blockchain. Click "Get Product" in the top right to see.

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