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The MetaNet Music and Art Shop, and News & Stories.

The MetaNet Music and Art Shop, and News & Stories. All trading is done onchain. There is no downtime (unless bico goes down, more relevant explorers will emerge in time) Unhackable No hosting cost No renewal cost No storage limit Automation Future methods to prove authenticity Endless information and pages can be added


Record your voice for all eternity, or a song, or anything. Keep in mind in a psuedonymous system things can be tracked so i advise against anything silly.

Here's my example;

Easter savings

Buy chocolate eggs in the sales to stock yourselves for a few weeks of chocolate for the kids
created a product inVirtual Currency

it embeds whatever page as html onto a transaction here's my twitter profile i just did as an example

Various Cryptocurrency Stats,24h

this site you can set to 5 different cryptocurrencies and scroll down on each for more information.

Live Coin Watch

I've posted this before, but quite a while ago now, so for anyone newer or who missed it last time;

Live coin watch is a cryptocurrency prices and market list, which you can use the filters or click on specific coins to make it more specific for yourself.

I do not endorse gambling. Betting/trading (back and forth) on crytpos is gambling, invest in something IF it has utility and you have done your due diligence.

If you could have brought a piece of the 'internet' in 1994, would you have?

Not actually possible, but imagine if there was an "interenet shares" back then, and only ever a limited amount.

And, let's just assume you know how the internet is going to grow for the next 25+ years (to 2019)

Would you have brought any of these internet shares?

If not, why not?
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