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I read the other day someone posting here about fraud so I've found this test on takefive-stopfraud website and I think it can be helpful and educational

"Think you’re too smart to be scammed? Think again. Most people think they wouldn’t fall for a fraudulent text or email, but criminals are more sophisticated than ever."

Say hello to JPM Coin - JPMorgan Has Its Own Cryptocurrency

"JPMorgan Chase this morning announced the first cryptocurrency to be rolled out by a major U.S. bank.
How will it be used? The new tokens, each of which represents a U.S. dollar, will help settle some payments between the bank’s clients. CNBC reports that the new digital coin will enter testing “in a few months.” It will facilitate a “tiny fraction” of its wholesale payments business."
created a product inCashback & Reward Cards

MORE THAN £50 OF SAVINGS EACH WEEK - Discover lots of offers for all your needs; ON EVERYDAY PRODUCTS - Save money on products you already buy… plus new and exciting products; UP TO 100% CASHBACK Get exclusive offers on your favourite products and brands

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First Direct's 1st account

1st Account Join Britain's most satisfied current account customers* Our current account customers are the most satisfied in the country - which is something we find pretty satisfying ourselves, actually. When you're happy, we're happy... £250 interest-free overdraft (subject to status) 24/7, 365 banking by Online, Phone and on Mobile award winning customer service from real people here in the UK - no machines, no overseas call centres pay in cash and cheques at HSBC branches and the Post Office® Get a £125 welcome when you switch to us** and another £100*** if you decide we're not for you.

As a parent, would you prefer a regular savings accounts, junior ISAs or... for your kids?

My wife and I have been thinking about our kids' piggybank transition step... the idea is to educate them about their finances (in this case we think that savings accounts are a good option) but we also want them to think long-term, to save more money and to be patient (then we have been thinking about ISAs) but we are afraid ISAs will be "boring" for kids to follow. We thought about doing both but unfortunately for now we cannot do much, financially speaking. How do you teach your kids about their finances? And how old were your kids when they "levelled-up" from piggybank savings?

Great news! - "Plastic bag charge could double to 10p and apply in ALL shops"

"The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs says the current 5p minimum charge has already cut plastic bag use by 86% in major supermarkets, and it wants the new rules to encourage people to change their behaviour further and use less plastic. "
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Barclays ISA

What’s new for ISAs? Save up to £20,000 in the 2018/19 tax year Withdraw and replace funds in the same tax year without affecting your annual ISA allowance (except Help To Buy: ISAs or Flexible Cash ISAs - Issues 1 to 9) Help to Buy: ISA is available if you’re saving towards your first home We don’t offer the Lifetime ISA at the moment but you can still read details about them

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Nationwide ISA

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a tax-free way to save or invest. If you're starting to think about saving or investing, ISAs could be a good place to begin. On other savings accounts, you may have to pay income tax* on the interest you earn. The interest on a cash ISA is free from tax, so all the interest you earn, you keep. Stocks & Shares ISAs also have tax benefits which we've explained in more detail in the tab below.

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Investment ISAs

Whether planning for your own or your family's future, make the most of your ISA allowance with an Investment ISA. Our Investment ISAs offer tax-efficient investing, putting your money to work using the long-term growth potential of the stock market.

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created a product inSocial Lending

QuidCycle is an ethical financial services company that puts people first. We help borrowers and investors make more of their money.

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Relendex Secured peer-to-peer lending

At Relendex we bring together lenders to fund loans secured on UK commercial property

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Lloyds Bank Debt Consolidation loans

You could receive a rate as low as 3.9% APR Representative if you borrow £7,500 – £25,000 over one to five years Paying off your existing debts with one single debt consolidation loan could save you money, reduce your overall monthly payments, and help you budget more easily. With a debt consolidation loan, you only have one monthly repayment to make We offer an instant online decision on your loan application Flexible repayment options, where you can make additional payments free of charge Instant money in your account. Apply online to have funds immediately transferred to your bank account between 9am–8:30pm, or before 9am the following day You have the option to apply for up to two repayment holidays of one month in a rolling 12 month period, subject to approval.

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FriskyLoans Debt Consolidation Loans

Perks Of Choosing Debt Consolidation Loans Many lenders provide convenient options to avail debt consolidation loans at considerable, but affordable APR. You can borrow debt consolidation loans to consolidate your impending debts and dues and pay them off all at once. Most debt consolidation loans are unsecured loans, so there is no fear of losing an asset. They are available for people with all types of credit histories, irrespective of their scores. The repayment schedule is pre-planned with fixed APR and loan amount, which allows planning of the budget. Timely payment of debt consolidation loans can help in building your credit record.

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HSBC Debt Consolidation Loan

If you’ve got debt in various places, including credit cards and loans, a debt consolidation loan could help you bring it all together, potentially saving you money and making it easier to manage with a single monthly repayment. Tell us how much you want to consolidate and how quickly you want to pay it off and, if you’re an existing HSBC customer, we’ll give you an instant decision.

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Get your borrowing on the right track It might be difficult to imagine from where you are now, but taking control of your existing borrowing can be simple. By bringing it all together in one place with a Personal Loan it could help you get on track to becoming debt-free as you’ll have: 3.5% APR representative for loans of £7,500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years One fixed monthly payment One firm date for when your borrowing will be paid off One fixed interest rate.

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Barclays Debt Consolidation loans

How to consolidate your debt All your debts in one manageable loan If you’ve borrowed from different lenders, a debt consolidation loan could help you take control of your finances and keep track of your money. Loans are subject to status. Early settlement fees apply.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Avoid the hassle of managing multiple credit card bills every month. Consolidate your debt into simple monthly payments. Use a fixed rate loan through Avant to pay off multiple debts on your own monthly schedule.

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ARAG Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance enables families, businesses, landlords and motorists to protect themselves from the cost of some common legal problems. It’s usually sold alongside home, commercial and motor products as an add-on.

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Buildings Insurance

We believe that everyone should have peace of mind that their home is protected against unforeseen events such as escape of water, fire, flood, storm damage, theft and subsidence. All of these can cause extensive damage and be very costly to fix. Our Home Buildings Insurance is Defaqto rated. Defaqto are a leading UK independent financial information business, specialising in rating, comparing and analysing financial products. No interest charge when you pay monthly UK based call centres and a claims line open 24/7 365 days a year A personal claims manager will help manage your claim from start to finish

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YourLife Plan provides financial and practical support for you and your family when: You die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness; You or your children are diagnosed with a critical illness; or You are too ill or injured to work or need to take time off work to look after your children.

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