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Revolut Card

Hold and spend currency at home and abroad in local currency removing exchange rate costs and fees.

Currency exchange savings on trips

This one is massive. If you travel abroad sign up here revolut.com/r/rodneyzvi and you will be able to get a card that you load up with your currency (and can spend at home like your daily Visa card) that you can use abroad without paying all the usual fees! It is a Godsend!

Spend your money as local currency without the fees and exchange rate costs!

Car excess insurance

This can be $15 a day if you pay for it at the airport yet if you get it before you leave it can be $1 a day... it is cheap as chips and easy to get online and the car rental firms absolutely rob you for it.

Cards Against Humanity

Have you played this? Rather than going out and spending a fortune why not invite friends round and get them all to bring a bit of food to share and have a CAH night... you will not regret it as it is such fun!

Better quality lower prices

If you go to charity/thrift stores in upper areas you will find really nice items barely worn and now out of 'fashion' (by maybe one year) but still amazing. You get really well made and beautiful clothes at a fraction of the cost.

Lower heating expenses

If you lower your homes temperature by 1 degree celsius you save 10% off of your heating bill. This is because the scales are different (one is celsius and one percentage costs) and you are comparing to the external temperature. So if it is 5'c outside it costs 10% more to increase the temperature inside from 19'c to 20'c and then again 10% from 20'c to 21'c. Your annual bill be be significantly reduced if you drop it by 1'c and wear a jumper. :-)
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