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How Do You Keep Your Pennies?

How do you keep your pennies? (1p and 2p)
Or do you throw them on ground/ give them as tips or to buskers?
I keep them in a large glass jar but am too lazy to actually get them out and spend them.
When I do empty the jar I use it in Tesco self service and attempt to break their system. :D



The card is really shiny.
Other than that, just another Neobank.

What Are Your Main and Second Accounts Post-Fidor??

Just asking for Fun.
I'll use HSBC and Monzo. :)

Rewards for Using the Account

Rather than paying us pennies to post in this forum, why not reward users according to how many times a month they use the card per month to make payment?
I know that Fidor DE rewards users for not making transactions and receiving their salary to the account, so this would be similar.

Not Giving Money to the Homeless

Let's be honest - they only use the spare change to put fuel in their BMW's anyway.

Bitcoin Price

It's going through the roof?
Afraid I missed out on putting some money into it.

Spaces for Fidor

N26, Monzo and other banks have 'spaces where you can save for specific things.
Fidor needs this, better if they pay interest on balances over £1000 too.

Geese in the Park

Who has thought about hunting and eating them.
I heard some Albanians got caught doing that in London, clever people.

Blocked £1 on my account for Unknown reasons

Oddly £1 is not available on my account, even though my recent statement doesn't show any transactions that would cause a pound to be blocked. Seems very random. Not a big deal, just curious if there are any obvious answers to why?
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